Sunday, September 4, 2011

World wide words

I work a desk job. For the majority of my week, I sit for hours in front of a backlit screen, squinting to see the breadth of pixels that make up words.

And words there are. Skinny words, fat words, long words, short words, whole wide worlds of words.

Then there are images. Thousands of visual puzzles, most of which are privy to a split second in my bean before dissipating like a half-dream.

This world wide web entrances me. It's a wonder that work gets done.

Yet this web has transformed me. Because of its accessibility, I've acquired jobs, made connections, moved to a city, back again, traveled miles, collected recipes. The world, friends, is literally at our fingertips.

What a powerful notion. Remember this while you clack away, and use these myriad connections to your advantage—which, ultimately, is to the advantage of everyone.

Still, my computer needs recharge and so do I. I close my book and I close my eyes. Rest prompts recovery, and recovery leads to clarity. Clarity leads to connection, strings of words linked together to evoke feeling, and ultimately action.